NIKOLA CHAMPLIN received her M.F.A. in Poetry from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and her B.A. from Yale University. Her writing focuses on ecopoetics, capturing the environment in crisis, and she’s always been inspired by BTS’s social and political commentary shared through art. Her poetry has appeared in the Denver Quarterly, the Spoon River Poetry Review, the Alexandria Quarterly, and the Cimarron Review, among other publications. Her BTS bias is J-Hope and her favorite song she saw live was Outro: Tear.

received her B.A. in Creative Writing and Women and Gender Studies from Wellesley College. She is an M.F.A. candidate at Columbia University, using creative nonfiction to explore representation of marginalized experiences in pop culture. Padya has been published in Teen Vogue, them., VRV Blog, Xeno Zine, and Oxford University Press. Her BTS bias is Jin’s forehead and her favorite song is Serendipity.


MER WADE (CREATIVE DIRECTOR) received her BA from Wellesley College in Environmental Studies and History and has since immersed herself in the world of both digital and paper collage. When not exploring #graphicdesignismypassion (follow @iconic.collage on instagram!!) you can find her singing one of her latest songs at open mics, getting her poetry published in Grlsquash mag, or discussing the philosophy behind BTS’ work with the Harvard Episcopalians. Mer’s topics of exploration include climate change, queerness, existential dread (and bread), and hidden histories. Mer’s bias is Suga, although she is wrecked by the rest of the rapline on a regular basis. Her state-sanctioned running playlist has been entirely consumed by BTS.

 received her M.A. in English from Ohio State and her B.A. in Classics and English from the University of North Carolina. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Yale University in English, exploring mixed-language verse of the Medieval period and language mixing in the history of the English language. But she also has a passion for people with smart things to say about popular culture. A newcomer to BTS fandom, she was bestowed her bias RM by an employee at the Nature Republic in Union Square, but she has since realized the extraordinary wisdom and insight of this boutique sibyl's choice. Currently, she's engineering each BTS member his perfect cocktail.

TRACEY TRAN (FINANCIAL DIRECTOR) received her B.A. in Film & Media Studies and Education Sciences at the University of California, Irvine. She is currently an MBA candidate at the University of California, Irvine, building out her skills and versatility as a project manager. Her career has spanned various sectors, including education, public health, non-profit/social impact, and entertainment. Besides hoarding BT21 merch and listening to BTS all day, her hobbies include trying new boba shops and beauty products. Tracey’s BTS bias is Jin, and her favorite song is Spring Day.

REBECA SÁNCHEZ (COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR) received her B.B.A in International Business Administration from Universidad Estatal a Distancia of Costa Rica. She is currently finishing her B.B.A in Marketing. She has a passion for nature, photography, exploring new ideas, and blogging. Rebeca's goal is to create a positive impact through writing. Her BTS bias is RM and her favorite songs are Whalien52, Paradise and every single track from mono.

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