Now Accepting Work in All Languages + Tranlsation -  Guidelines

We are incredibly excited to announce that Dream Glow Magazine will now be accepting original work in other languages besides English, as long as an original English translation is also provided.

We have been incredibly humbled and pleasantly surprised to have received submissions from numerous countries around the world at Dream Glow Magazine. English as a language has been used as a tool of colonialism and imperialism, and we believe in decolonizing all spaces, and our own literary and art community is no exception. Furthermore, as a western-based organization taking inspiration from a Korean artist, we believe that it comes with our role to respect and appreciate multilingualism, and not let our readers and fellow ARMY creators inspired by BTS to feel limited by language in the creative process. BTS themselves write and create in several languages, moving creatively beyond any one language.

This is why we would like to welcome submissions in any language. Our board members speak a variety of languages—and we are willing to work with friends from different backgrounds as well—to make sure that the English translations hold up the integrity of the piece, and that the original piece itself fits Dream Glow Magazine.

We hope this decision will expand our community further and make creative ARMY around the world who seek a platform to share their original literary work feel welcome. Everyone has a home in BTS, and in Dream Glow.

Please refer to our submission guidelines for more information on how to submit your work.