Welcome to Dream Glow Magazine! This independent literary journal was born out of a desire to merge our literary and artistic passions with our enthusiasm for the artistic project of Bangtan Sonyeondan.

BTS, as artists, inspire millions of people around the world, transcending boundaries of language, culture, age, and gender. As Army we’re privy to BTS’s artistic process, their energy, and their commitment to challenging themselves as artists and as human beings; the seven members encourage us to follow in their footsteps, in our own ways.

Today, the BTS Army exists in every profession. Far too often, our commitment as fans is not taken seriously in these traditional work spaces. Yet it should be, as BTS brings out the best in so many of us. For fans who are also artists and writers in their own right, BTS — alongside their creativity and originality — inevitably becomes a source of inspiration.

Dream Glow Magazine seeks to celebrate the radiant outflow of BTS in the world by creating a professional space for artists and writers, while taking fandom and fan-centric topics seriously.

Like the song we honor with our title, Dream Glow Magazine strives to make the brilliant futures we imagine for ourselves as artists into our realities.

Please share your work with us. We're committed at Dream Glow to acceptance and inclusivity of every kind. We do not publish work according to any standard other than excellence and serious artistic and literary value within your medium and genre. We encourage submissions from artists and writers of every age and at every stage of their career.

Note that we are in no way affiliated with Big Hit Entertainment. Dream Glow is currently entirely volunteer-run and for now only able to accommodate and publish work presented primarily in English.

Dream Glow exists to help your work and your voice shine.